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The PhotoSmirk team has been working in the event and trade show business in MN. for many years. Our creative approach with visuals and technology can give you, your ideas and your clients the winning edge.

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Through Smoking a Curveball

PhotoSmirk worked with Edelman Health and other partners to create a promotional photo booth that would provide a creative take away for guests at 14 minor league baseball games throughout the country. The purpose was to educate and inform people about the benefits of quitting smoking.

The photo booth print resembled a baseball card with stats and information on quitting smoking. PhotoSmirk did a custom designed photo booth software interface to brand it to the event and information. The photo booth itself was branded using a 6.5’ by 8’ printed vinyl curtain for branding purposes.


  • Edelman Health
  • Photosmirk

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LTG created a system with 2 stations for making Super Magazines with your photo on the cover. The first station was for getting people's information into the system quickly. The second station allowed a user to select their name on the screen and take a photo. The photo was automatically emailed to the persons email address that was acquired from the first station.
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